We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better

~ J.K. Rowling

Imagination Technology


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Imagination is our tool of creation. When we do not know how to use it, it becomes subject to our fears, limitations and stories from the past rather than our dreams and aspirations.

You are born with imagination. It is bundled into your DNA waiting to be activated. The traditional education system neglects to teach us how to use our imaginations powerfully to create consciously create.

Imagination technology refers to the systematic use of tools and techniques to directly access inner wisdom and take inspired action. This technology equips you with clarity, confidence and direction to make real end results that matter to you.

What matters to you? Perhaps a business idea that you want to bring to life, a new innovative solution to serve humanity, a passion to create a meaningful life for yourself and your family, a contribution you want to make to your community or something artistic and unique you want to put in the world?

Do you have a desire to make a difference? Do you want to maximise your potential and have an impact? Do you want to architect the future and design a beautiful world to live in and leave to the next generation? The destination is what is important and mastering imagination is what will open the doors to powerful, conscious creating.

Imagination is the tool for mapping out the blueprint of your future; for coloring in the detail of your vision, exposing the truth of your starting point and revealing the path of true and direct action.

Your imagination has a unique flavour. Using this technology you will learn to savour this gift, hone your intuitive mastery and become the self-referential, self-directed person you were born to be.

Working together we can activate and apply your imagination to expand your creativity, to experience your uniqueness and to manifest your talents in your world in the truest sense of being you. We will map Vision and blueprint necessary to take you and/or your business to the next level.

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  • “Logic will get you from A to Z; IMAGINATION will get you everywhere”

    Albert Einstein

  • Imagination is the paintbrush of the soul

    Anne K. Scott

  • Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it's produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.

    Ken Robinson

  • The world of reality has its limits; the world of imagination is boundless.

    Jean-Jacques Rousseau

  • This world is but a canvas to our imagination.

    Henry David Thoreau

  • I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.

    Dr. Seuss

  • You can't do it unless you can imagine it.

    George Lucas

  • Don’t ever let anyone prevent you from going after your dreams. Balloons, trains, planes and spaceships – whatever comes into your imagination, continue to dream big.

    Richard Branson, Letter to My 10 Year Old Self

  • No amount of skillful invention can replace the essential element of imagination.

    Edward Hopper

  • The debt we owe to the play of imagination is incalculable.

    Carl Jung

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Beautiful World

One of the first BSc. Computer Systems graduates in Ireland in the 1980s I spent 30 years delivering technological innovation in business.

I worked for blue chip corporates on ambitious projects including the first paperless office in Canary Wharf in London and as a technology consultant for Andersen Consulting on many of their early global business outsourcing projects.

I spent a decade with a dynamic software house working hands on to deliver custom built purchase-to-pay systems. I developed a reputation as a ‘can-do’ all rounder evolving practical solutions despite technology limitations, closing out projects that could not be closed, leading virtual teams in high pressured environments.

After my delivery career in traditional Information Technology roles I trained with Natural Success as a coach and redefined myself as an Imagination Technologist.

I became a founding member of the Natural Success Coaching Association which has subsequently evolved into On A Mission… a collaborative formed to foster the creation of a more beautiful world. I am on the facilitation team for our initial year-long program Beyond Coaching designed for people who want to be part of that Vision.

I am creative, practical and tenacious. I am a technology professional and my natural ability to visualise the future and operate in the unknown has supported me to work at the leading edge of innovation for 30 years.

Imagination has been my key to accessing my inner wisdom and following the path of self-directed leadership.

I consult, speak about and teach the technology of imagination to individuals, startups and corporates. I offer global online coaching & consultancy and work in collaboration with associate partners world wide to deliver innovation that matters.

The work I do is for people who are not prepared to compromise. If you are ready to go beyond mediocrity and do what it takes then I support you to be self-directed and work with you to set up structures that guarantee you the outcomes that matter to you.

I am excited about the potential of imagination. My invitation to you is to check it out.

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  • From one call Anne was able to tune into what I needed and help me to understand what I was doing to sabotage myself. Since then I have turned up for myself. I have started the ball rolling. I am prioritising what I’m supposed to prioritise. I now know I am going to make it and it is going to be amazing!

    Gina - London, UK

  • Anne is a genius strategist. She has a wonderful gift of insight that she applies to her work in a very direct and clear way. I highly recommend Anne as a business strategist and will use her expertise again without hesitation.

    Ian - Melbourne, Australia

  • The magic ingredient is Anne’s ability to see possibility and have a yes, let’s move towards it attitude. She exudes a sense of clarity, confidence and direction..

    David Walker - Sydney, Australia

  • Thank you Anne for being a fantastic structure in my life; helping me stay focused on what matters: creating what I love. It’s been a magical journey full of surprises and seeing the world every day with a new pair of eyes! And this is only the beginning of an exciting journey to letting life unfold with magic 💫💕🦄🙌🌍

    Adeline - London, UK

  • Anne's approach "life is a creation to be enjoyed...and the more we play the more delightful it becomes" resonates very much with me. It has started me out on finding a new magic in life... I am on the Path!

    Edward Galvin - Chicago,USA

  • I always experience being completely respected in my sessions with Anne and in them love the shared discovery of my Genius and “focus” on what I want really want to create in my world. Learning self awareness and creating the life we really want is an extraordinary opportunity and Anne Scott can powerfully create that with you.

    Tom Coy - London, UK

  • In each session Anne intuitively guided me through processes allowing me to gain an amazing insight and make profound discoveries about myself.

    Ella Mesma - Lisbon, Portugal

  • I experienced her generosity, helpfulness, humour, practical and organised approach first hand and welcome being in a community alongside her again.

    Sheila Gibbons - Findhorn, Scotland

  • Thank you for creating such a safe space to go deep and coax out the real issue, what a revelation that was.

    L.M. - Uxbridge, UK

  • With her intuitive insights she has impacted my life and enabled me to achieve things I never thought possible.

    Geraldine Davies - Brentwood, UK

Architecting Your Future

Personal Leadership

One on one coaching using applied imagination to support you to create in a way that is congruent with your values and truth. We will use techniques that keep you inspired and on track. And set up structures to hold your focus on the true end result.

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Beautiful Business

Business is a structure to put your heart in the world. I offer business leadership coaching and a group mastermind for accountability. I also provide introductions to my associate business partners in areas such as PR, Social Media & Web Design services.

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Super Hero Synergy

Focusing the talents of your Team is essential to get the end results that you want. When you create synergy you get end results that exceed expectations. Applied imagination facilitates visioning, unravels conflicts and turns ordinary people into super heroes together

Contact me to explore options to optimise your Team.

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Powerful Projects

For 30+ years I delivered transformation in business. My passion now is to work that makes a difference for humanity creating a beautiful, sustainable world for us to live in. For consultancy, support, mentoring and hands on practical action for your projects.

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Accelerate Your Creations

Gatherings for purpose & pleasure in simple, nourishing destinations around the world

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